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Our all-inclusive home organizing service will take care of every detail for you. We'll be with you every step of the way; from purging and decluttering, to creating custom solutions that will give you an organized home that is functional & beautiful. Spend less time feeling anxious & overwhelmed with your space, and spend more time doing the things that give you joy & bliss.


The Process

The process starts with a free in-home or virtual consultation. We will discuss your family’s passions and priorities, and a tour gives us detailed understanding of your space and needs. We'll create a customized plan based on your goals and the size of the project. Next, we will decide which organizing package is optimal for you and schedule your first session. Our objective on every project is to give you a beautiful space and functional systems that complement your lifestyle.


The following services are included with all packages at no extra cost:

  • Complimentary Consultation

  • Preferred communication with clients

  • Customized plan for organization of your space(s).

  • Product research, shopping, product pick-up, and returns for products not utilized.

  • Basic installation

  • One load of donation drop off

  • Coordinating with other trade professionals as needed

  • Custom labels for each space

  • Follow-up communication support



$500 per day


$900 per day


Single Space starting at $500

Multi-Space starting at $1000

Whole Home starting at $5000

Pricing is based on a 6 hour work day

*Pricing does not include organizing supplies*


While our primary service area is San Diego, CA, we do travel for jobs outside the area.



Every project is very different and the time it may take to complete a space is dependent on a number of factors such as volume of items, how much sorting and rearranging is needed, the speed at which clients make decisions, etc. That said, listed below is an idea of average time spent in various spaces. We will work with you to come up with an estimated price for the space(s) you’re looking to get organized.

  • 8-15 hours: pantry, linen closets, bathroom, walk in closet, small laundry room, very small kitchen, very small playrooms

  • 12-24 hours: medium/large walk-in closets, playrooms, medium/large pantries, office areas, medium/large laundry room, full bedrooms, small kitchen, kids room, small garages/basements

  • 20-36 hours: very large walk-in closets, medium kitchens, very large playrooms, large kids rooms including toys and clothes, medium garages/basements, small multi-space projects

  • 36+ hours: medium or large multi-space projects, whole home organization, very large kitchen pantry combos, large garages/basements

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